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Here you will find all the articles written by Adlul on many different topics. If you like an article make sure to like on facebook and share them with your friends.

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology - Artcle - World Cup Golden Ball Award - A consolation prize

World Cup Golden Ball Award:

Honouring the Best Player of the Tournament or a Consolation Prize?

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology - Goat LeBron better than Jordan

LeBron James The GOAT?

What did LeBron do better than Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Dunca, and Shaq?

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology -Article - Secret to LeBron's longevity

How does LeBron do it?

Secret to LeBron's success and longevity at the top

Adlul Kamal - sportpsychology-lebron-tackling-his-haters

LeBron tackling his Haters:

How does LeBron James tackle his haters and remain on top of his game?

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology - Article - Everything wrong with Neymar

Everyrthing wrong with Neymar:

A behavioural analysis that isn't about diving, faking, or crying 


Shifting into Reverse:

How England painted their own demise through negativity at World Cup 2018.

Adlul Kamal - Sport Psychology - Shakib Al Hasan - Best All Rounder of his time

Is Shakib the best All-rounder of his generation?

An comparative analysis of Shakib's career with other all-rounders 
[READ MORE]   [Also Available in Bangla]

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology - Why is Shakib Al Hasan Underrated?

Why has Shakib always remained underrated?

An analysis of Shakib's career that probes his lack of recognition
 [Also Available in Bangla]    [READ MORE]

Adlul Kamal Sport Psychology - Shakib Al Hasan Article 1

Will Shakib become an all-time great?

An indepth analysis of Shakib's career performance in comparison with some of the greatest all-rounders of all time
 [READ MORE]   [Also Available in Bangla]  

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“The scope of one’s personality is defined by the magnitude of that problem which is capable of driving a person out of his wits.”
― Sigmund Freud

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